Whitney Mediation & Legal Counsel, LLC

Mission And Philosophy

Mastering Your Legacy

The only thing more rewarding than mastering your own legacy is helping others master theirs.  That’s why Denton is fanatical about helping clients master their legacies.  Whether through estate planning and elder law, trust and probate administration, business formation and contract law, or mediation and dispute resolution, Denton is obsessed with helping people master their own legacies.

A legacy is anything you hand down to others.  Although people often think of a legacy as just property, leaving a rich legacy means so much more than simply leaving things to others.  It means leaving your most important possessions–your values, your personal experiences, your life-lessons, your love, your talents and memories of you–to those you care about most.

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Your legacy is created and handed down daily.  So mastering your legacy is not only about planning your estate, but also about resolving your disputes, managing your business and living your life in ways you want others to follow.

Although Denton applies his unique expertise to serve clients in each area of his practice, the greatest value clients receive from Whitney Concord stems from how he helps them master their legacies to obtain greater success and satisfaction through the following “3 Cs”:

  1. Completion:  Denton is consumed with helping clients actually complete their goals and plans so their plans work as close to perfection as possible for them.
  2. Conflict Management:  Beyond just applying conflict management principles when he mediates and coaches clients through disputes, Denton applies the value-creating principles of conflict management in every area of his practice.
  3. Connection:  Perhaps most importantly, Denton’s clients master their legacies by more meaningfully connecting with others–family and loved ones, as well as business associates and individuals who must come to some agreement to create the greatest tangible and intangible value clients can receive.